Covid-19 Updates

Updated 11/11/20
Vaynis committed to the health and safety of both our customers and professionals. In an effort to maintain health and safety we have implemented the below requirements. A professional may refuse service at anytime they do not feel safe.

Prior to entering a residence, office or other place of service a professional will check their temperature and then check the temperature of the client. In the event of a temperature the service will have to be rescheduled. From the CDC *For the purpose of this guidance, fever is defined as subjective fever (feeling feverish) or a measured temperature of 100.4°F (38°C) or higher.

A mask is required for both the client and professionals prior to entering the service location. To make this easier for a hair service we recommend a mask that loops behind the ear. If any party is not able to wear a mask, the service will need to be rescheduled.

We ask the other occupants in the home, office or other place of service social distance at least 6 feet from where the service is taking place leaving the client and professional in a safe distance to perform requested service.

Our professionals will either wear gloves or use hand sanitizer along with frequent hand washing.

Vayn professionals are instructed to follow all State, County and local guidelines along with the Department of Regulatory Agencies laws and rules.